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Submission Guidelines for Authors

Query us by using the form on this page with a brief description of your novel or outline of your project and include the first chapter or 10 pages however do not send attachments—we won’t open them without knowing the sender. Include your publishing history and relevant personal information such as marketing reach and platform, and how you found us.  Please indicate if the submission is exclusive, or if have you have received interest from other agents.  We are not the right agency to represent screenplays, poetry, or genre fiction such as science fiction and fantasy. When the above information is completed we will let you know if we’d like to see more material, and appreciate your understanding that we cannot reply to every query we receive.

For questions about rights please contact:

Bardon Chinese Media

Imprima Korea

Japan Uni

Prava & Previdi for Eastern European languages

For all other languages, and general queries 

that are not submissions, you can send a message to contact(at)

Success! Message received.

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